Lying will catch up with you.....

Lying is never the answer! To lie about things that you have said or done to make yourself look better or to make someone look's just wrong!!! Trust will all catch up with you because the truth will come out!!! It's so wrong for people to lie to try and make a situation look different from the reality it was!!

Be a CHRISTIAN....stop lying!!!!!! It really causes you more problems!!!

KARMA - well...I really don't like that word but.....

While I do believe what you give is what you get....I don't care for the way that people throw the word Karma around! It just seems very hurtful.  

But, my friend....I promise you when you do things right and you keep silent while there are those that are trying to destroy you and make you look horrible to cover up there issues and problems....the light will reveal the truth!! Our little family is experiencing this right in this very moment!!!!! There have been some people who have ran their mouth, slandered and tried to bring us down and finally....after a little over a year the truth has come to light!!!! OH MY and the things that have come to light.....we are definitely praying for these people because they truly need it!!!!! Some would want to say " YES...finally they got what they deserve" but that's not the right way to feel at all! We are praying for these individuals because they have some major, major problems that only God can deliver them from!! The truth that has been revealed is just heartbreaking...but I knew that it would come to some of this but my mind is blown at the other piece!!! I know that God can bring healing to them...oh, but if they don't recognize the fault and the sickness that has a hold on them....nothing good will come of that!!! 

So...don't dwell on KARMA or throw that word around like it's a weapon....just sit right and give it to will all come out in the wash in the end...and when it does....pray for them.....they need it!!!!! 

Peace and Happiness

I just wanted to take a minute today and share with you that life can really be tough...hard stuff!! Heartache, bad relationships, pain, sickness, hurt, loss, you name it...lots of hard stuff.  As much as that hard stuff can bring you down and keep you stuck in a place of possible, anger or sadness..pick your head up!! Things will get better and trust me..through all of that hard stuff, we don't get why or how this could happen to us, but when you come out on the other side, you will get it.  The reason you had to go through those things will finally make sense. There may still be some empty pieces or struggles that you have to deal with but you can feel great release, peace and happiness and there is NOTHING in this world better than that.  I am SO thankful to finally feel peace about my oldest daughter and be comforted knowing how loved and cherished she is.  No midnight phone calls from her crying and just crushed. Sure, there are still pieces that have not been taken care of because of irresponsibility of the other party, but it truly doesn't matter.  She is safe, happy, loved and taken care of.  There is nothing in this world better than that.  Our family is complete and it is such a joy for me.  So many exciting things are coming and I am so thankful for that.  Even through the storms of life, we can find peace and happiness and God will bring you through the darkness and get rid of all of the garbage that gets in the way.  That's the BEST part!! Be encouraged, stay strong and enjoy the little things, because everything else is just garbage. Life is precious....cherish each day as if it were your last.

Are you TRULY witnessing?

You know...just recently, my mother passed away.  She was the MOST Godly woman I have ever met in my life and my sweet mother-in-law is another beautiful example of a Godly woman.  God has truly put some outstanding women in my path and I am truly thankful.  I have learned such valuable lessons and true ways to help others and share my love for Jesus. 

I look around and it truly saddens me to see that there are those that believe that they are witnessing to others by bragging on their own lives.  That is NO way to prove anything about what God can do for you.  YES...He can provide opportunity, money, possessions, anything to us that we could not believe that we could be blessed with, however, that is NOT the way to encourage someone, who may have NOTHING, no job, no finances to make it day to day, we don't know what they are facing.  YES, you can reference that God will bring you out of financial burden, a dead-end job, whatever you want to say, but do you REALLY have to brag and go on and on how you have been blessed with this and blessed with that?? I mean, vain!! The Bible says, Pride comes before the fall....think about what you are doing!!!! Think about what you are saying to those that you want to encourage?? Not rub things in their faces!!! Unreal! Especially, when it could be your own family members who are struggling financially and can't meet their bills and financial obligations...and you are yet bragging on how you have this, that and everything truly shows that you are NOT concerned about the feelings and well-being of another person, it's just an avenue to accentuate yourself and what you feel to be your own personal gain!

At the end of the's the soul that matters, not earthly gain.  So, those topics really aren't doing anything for a dying world! Count your blessings....but don't rub them in other's faces!! I am so thankful that my mother taught me such class and such regard to have for others.  It's a shame that some enjoy hurting people with their words.  Think before you speak today!! Be a blessing!!  

Pray for your Haters

Oh is this a hard thing to do!!! But you know, at the end of it's the right thing to do...because they need it!! We all do!! So hard to believe that all you can focus on is God destroying another person or bringing damnation on them!!! Truly???? And this is spoken in Love?? In the statements that they have screamed from the roof tops...LOVE WINS!!! OK?!?! if love would NOT be posting and speaking of such destruction to another human being!! Again, immaturity on all levels!! But...that's ok..we all have to grow and understand Gods true words!! That comes with growth and a true desire to be surrendered to Gods plan and His work for your life!! So glad I am beyond this type of ignorance and I am SO thankful that I serve a loving God! Anyone that prays destruction on your life or wishes bad things to you or your family or threatens you or your family....they are not someone that you would want to listen to any of their words! Pray for them and rebuke their threats as there is NOTHING Godly about that at all!

Pray for those that come against you!!! I'm learning this the hard way and boy....I want nothing to do with these people...but God created them just as He did me and I have released the hurt, the pain, the threats that they have brought to my family and I have given them to God! Oh how they need the sweet love and peace of Jesus! Knowing this...I pray God will move on their behalf and bring them nothing but joy, peace and His true love and I hope they will find the true meaning of LOVE WINS!!!  So glad my boat has sailed on past this wreckage and my delete buttons have gotten rid of their viruses ....but it still leaves a hurt and confused set of individuals and because of that...I will continue to pray for their healing!! Mentally and emotionally! Gods true peace and love will restore...there is NOTHING better than that!! 

Even Through the Hate....

You know, over the past few years, my little family has been through some really heartbreaking things.  Death, failed marriage, just plain heartbreak! It's been a while now and I have really done my best to keep my feelings inside, but when you hurt my family..especially my's very hard to do the "right" things. I have been angry and just disgusted by the behavior and the loss to my daughter (financially, mentally) it just burns me to my core! But now that time has passed and I look back at the awful behavior given to her by those that claimed they loved her...and all in the name of just floors me.  The threats that came down from "a precious man of God" unreal.  It has just opened my eyes to see that you have to be careful who you trust and who you put confidence in. "Leaders" that could not even help their own children...and yet, let them hurt and destroy each other.  It's a shame....OH BUT HOW GOD RESTORES! There are still some financial hits that the other party continues to run from and not take care of..but, she has a WONDERFUL husband, she is having a beautiful baby soon and God has truly restored her joy and given her far more than she has lost! Actually, didn't lose anything but heartache, pain and horrible treatment all the way around - I am SO GLAD that is all gone and she is happier than I have ever seen. 

Through all of this, I have learned to pray...even for those who curse you, bring strife, pain and disgust to your life.  Pray for these poor individuals as they need God more than anything you could ever offer them!

Today, I am thankful that God has kept His hand on my family even through the ugliest of times.  He is faithful and He will never leave you alone. 

So thankful...

Just WRONG! of the biggest signs of "Christian" immaturity is using someone else's misfortune or bad luck or bad situation as a way to blog or display your "message". God doesn't work like this AT ALL! It's such an insecurity and it's very sad that those who do not know better would believe and fall for these types of false representations of God's word. It's even worse that those who present this way feel like they are doing the right thing and think that it's the best way to God's teachings or His love. Sick and twisted! We all have bad things that come into our lives...NO it is not KARMA! I do not believe in that. Life throws curve balls in all situations of our lives. We all suffer with loss, be it those we love, lost relationships, jobs, friends, one is exempt from this. DO NOT beat up the poor individuals that have experienced these kinds of losses and make it your "sermon" and believe that it is the right thing to do! It's garbage! It's hurtful and it's plain wrong! What would make you want to be a part of anyone like this? Be careful with just might be the next blog post or sermon! Know are NOT a victim of KARMA, you are NOT being punished - you are going through a rough time and sometimes we don't understand and we feel like the world is against us..just remember, God's got YOU....Joy comes in the morning...dark clouds don't stay dark forever!! Hang in there!