Finally ~ today we are heading up North.  I am so ready for some time away.  We have been so busy with work, working around the new home and getting things the way we want them - we are just ready to enjoy being with each other and relaxing.  Life can be so busy and we forget the little things that are most important.
I have been working a lot on organization in every area of my life, work, home, even my digital life.  I organized my iPhone!! To some, this may sound crazy...but, I have to be honest...what a weight that has been lifted all of my shoulders just from that simple task. If you know know...I LOVE MY PICTURES!!! I had over 2,600 pictures on my phone.  How crazy have I been to just leave them there and not transfer them to my external drive for safe keeping?? Well, I am elated to say that is just one of the things I did to organize my phone.  It runs much better and my precious photos are safe. 
Well...I wanted to pop in and ask you to join us on our little road trip! I will be shooting all kinds of pictures and uploading them for you to come along with us. 
When we get posts next week will be about organization.  Let's join in this journey together too!! I'm all about making life easier.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend...and watch for some exciting pictures of our weekend journey!

Much love ~ The Engels

Decisions and Determination

If you know me at know that I really over think things and lots of times, I may talk myself right out of something that I really should be doing. 
As I am getting older, I am really starting to evaluate myself and take a long look in the mirror and seeing me for who I really am.  As I look in the mirror....WOW....this woman has been through alot of things..good, bad, awful,'s journey can really be a whirlwind of things. I've made good decisions, bad decisions and really messed up.  I've been on top of the world and I have also been in the pit.  Through it I look in the mirror...I am proud of that woman and I know that there are many more trials, tribulations and successes coming to me. I've been very wishy washy on some things and that is a HUGE fault of mine.  I will get so pumped up on something that I want to do and then in a matter of a short amount of time, all of that enthusiasm will just disappear and I will let it go.  That is one thing that I am constantly working on and it's not easy for me.  I don't know where I picked up on that or how that came about for me...but, I am just being honest, it's a weakness of mine and it's caused me a lot of headache, trust me! 
Well, past all of I am today....I will be 43 years old in a few weeks!!! HOLY COW...where in the world have the years gone????? I can't believe it! I'm a wife, a mother of two, I stay at home....I have an 18 month old lie and a 19 year old, married daughter! I wouldn't trade any of it. that I have settled myself into being a mom of a toddler again and being home alone WAY TOO MUCH due to my husband's's time for make some's so hard for me....I don't want to put my little one in childcare...I HATE the thought of that.....and I have a dream of being a nurse....I ALWAYS have....I attempted to go to nursing school in 2009.  I was doing great on my pre-reqs..then, my uncle was diagnosed with cancer and my husband and myself had to take care of him, he passed away a few short months later, then my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and that went downhill VERY fast...she had to be put in a nursing home (THIS KILLED ME and changed me...I have never been the same since) and then ...... my husband was deployed to Afghanistan.  Needless to say, school fell off the board for me and I swallowed myself up into my own bubble.  It was the most traumatic time of my life...I am not even kidding. 
BUT, I went on and I sailed on with it.  But, it was a slump that took a very long time to get out of.....I may not even be completely out of it yet...but, I am trying and I continue to push myself to more positive things.  
There are times where I feel like I am just not doing enough...I need to contribute to our family income and do more.  The medical field is all I know....and I love it.  I have met the most amazing people and I wouldn't change a thing.  My desire has always been to help people.  I LOVE people and it's very rewarding for me to know that I have helped someone or made them smile.  There's no better feeling. 
In saying all of this....this is what I ask.  Can you please pray for me over the next few days? I'm tossing around the idea of returning to school, but, I am wanting to make sure that I have everything in place to be able to do so and know that everything for my family is taken care of so those worries won't be an interruption to me during my studies.  If this is meant to be for me...I believe it will all fall into place. I have already applied to a college and I am waiting on my letter and I have already completed my FAFSA and those results have been sent to the school of my choice.  Your prayers are so much appreciated.  

Love you very much!

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